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We have a long and successful experience of reconditioning engine components for the Rail Industry and worked for many years with British Rail and Bombardier to keep the Paxman and Deltic engines healthy and in service. We are still reconditioning these same components, more especially nowadays, for foreign navies who utilise the same engines at sea. We have used our skills and experience to introduce other types of engines to our reconditioning portfolio, please enquire if you require liners, piston crowns and cylinder covers reconditioning. Any liners up to 440mm can be reconditioned and we have specifications and drawings for many liners and components associated with engines powering locomotives.

We also chrome plate bearing components for Axle shock absorbers for a world renowned, major bearing manufacturer, supplying rail rolling stock producers and maintenance yards.

Welding and reconditioning of Rail and Marine engine cylinder covers is another one of our services offered. Our aim is always to bring the components back to good as new condition, to increase life spans and save operators money in the long run. We always carry a stock of Fuel system components including nozzles for many of the locomotive engines and can offer fuel pump and nozzle reconditioning when required.


Problem? No problem

Problems with poor efficiency, service life or vibration related damage? Not a problem, we can modify and improve OEM designs to solve many issues, resulting in greater reliability and efficiency than OEM units!


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